V1.9.34 System Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Our latest v1.9.34 is scheduled to update the live environment on September 29th, 2023, at 06.00AM GMT+8. This process shall take 10 mins and does not affect the operations; the system can be accessed as usual.

We genuinely appreciate your support for CoinsDo. Should there be any queries, please reach out to our customer support team.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day,
CoinsDo Team

New features

1. [CoinGet Center] Added acceleration feature for BCH, BSV, BTC, DASH, DOGE, LTC, ZEC (UXTO mechanism). The acceleration button and the gas fee after successful collection are displayed in the same hash record as the first entry.
Note: When accelerating BTC, the unit to be filled is BTC/KB; upgrading the client to V 1.9.34 is required.

2. [CoinGet Center] CoinsDo resource renting (TRX) and it requires contacting the CoinsDo staff in the group for assistance in activation.

image 1

3. [CoinGet Center] Batch collection now supports the selection of gas fee modes.

image 2

4.[CoinSend Center] When sending the sending addressed of ETH and the EVM networks, system checks whether the receiving address is a contract address. If it is, after the approval process, you need to specify the use of GAS LIMIT.

5. [CoinSend Center] Currency control page added a new "Gas Fee addition" parameter setting. Merchants can customize an additional percentage of the gas fee on top of the current miner fee.
Note: This parameter affects the incremental part. For example, if the current gas fee is 10 and you want to use a fee of 12, you can set the gas fee addition to 20%. This setting is not applicable to cryptocurrencies with fixed gas fees.

image 3

6. [Merchant Backend] CoinSend dispatch record and CoinGet receiving record page now include a "Callback Status" query.


1.[CoinGet Center] When manually collecting, you need to input the amount to avoid triggering collect again for small incoming transactions submitted simultaneously.

image 4

2.[CoinGet Center] The "Discrepancy Records" page has been removed and merged into the "Receiving Record" page, which can be filtered using query criteria.

image 5

3.[CoinGet Center] Optimizations have been made to the "Receiving Address" page:
A. By default, it will display addresses with a balance greater than 0.
B. The balance column will show the total quantity.

image 6

4.[CoinSend Center] Some lists and exports now allow customization of the coin name for display, and you can set this column to be displayed in the list.

5.[CoinSend Center] The dispatch record dialogue now displays operation records for canceled transactions.

image 10

6.[Technical Optimization] CoinSend client now automatically handles missing input and fixes issues with failed broadcast during withdrawal of ADA.