V1.9.30 System Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Our latest v1.9.30 is scheduled to update the live environment on May 26th, 2023, at 06.00AM GMT+8. This process shall take 10 mins and does not affect the operations; the system can be accessed as usual.

We genuinely appreciate your support for CoinsDo. Should there be any queries, please reach out to our customer support team.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day,
CoinsDo Team

New features

1.[New network] Added BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), upgrade CoinSend & CoinGet client to the latest version 1.9.30 and add BSV to favorite in Currency Control of both CoinSend and CoinGet center in order to use it.

image 8

2.[CoinSend Center] The sending address of the CoinSend client supports the addition of new addresses:

A. Can be used with CoinSend client version 1.9.30 and above.
B. The original address has a derivation index of 0 and is the default address (solid asterisk indicates default).
C. When adding an address, the tokens under this mainnet will be added together, but the default address can be set separately.

image 9

D. In the execution approval (second review) process of dispatch records, the sending address can be selected.

image 10

3.[CoinSend Center] CoinSend client page supports the export of client details.

image 11


1. [CoinGet Center] Added confirmation callback notification before receiving on the receiving record page:
A. The receiving record page can be customized to display this item in the table.
B. Setting "Confirmation Count Callback URL" in corporate backend - API access - Callback URL setting.

image 12

2.[CoinGet Center] The receiving record page now displays the transaction index; the query conditions include transaction index and transaction ID.

3.[CoinSend Center] The dispatch record page now includes a search condition for "Transaction ID".

4.[CoinSend Center] Bug fixed - After robot review the dispatch record submitted via API, there is no sound notification and the pending approval list is not automatically updated.