Caution! Fake CoinsDo found!

FakeWebsite 04

Recently, fake CoinsDo websites have appeared on the internet. These fraudulent phishing websites use domain names that are similar to CoinsDo's (such as coinsd0) and misuse CoinsDo's logo. In order to remind users to be cautious and prevent asset losses, CoinsDo hereby declare:

1.CoinsDo has never authorized any third party to open any website other than CoinsDo's official website.

2. The actions of these websites and their related personnel are not related to CoinsDo.

3. The official website, official social media accounts and official contact information of CoinsDo are as follows:

If there are any changes to the official contact information, they will be announced on the official website.

4. At the same time, users are reminded to carefully verify the domain name when using internet services. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us using the official contact information mentioned above.

CoinsDo Team

March 15, 2023