V1.9.29 System Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Our latest v1.9.29 is scheduled to update the live environment on May 3rd, 2023, at 11.00AM GMT+8. This process shall take 10 mins and does not affect the operations; the system can be accessed as usual.

We genuinely appreciate your support for CoinsDo. Should there be any queries, please reach out to our customer support team.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day,
CoinsDo Team

New features

1.[New network] Added ATOM (Cosmos), upgrade CoinSend & CoinGet client to the latest version 1.9.29 and add ATOM to favorite in Currency Control of both CoinSend and CoinGet center in order to use it.


2.[CoinGet Center] Manual collection in batches added to the receiving address, improving the cumbersome process of clicking the manual collection button one by one:
A. You can search for the currency and balance you want to manually collect, or other custom conditions.
B. Click "Manual collection in batches" and the system will submit the request for the current page list.
C. The system returns the submission result.

image 1


1.[CoinSend Center] The "Withdrawal Canceled" status of the issued record has been renamed to "Canceled" for easy distinction from the operation button.

image 2

2.[CoinSend & CoinGet Center] When unstaking TRX resources, the displayed available withdraw time is directly taken from the official restriction of the Tron chain. If there are any changes, the Coinsdo backend will automatically update the prompt.

image 3