Important notice: changes for the CoinsDo products’ name 

CoinsDo believes that a more intuitive product name will improve user experience and recognition of CoinsDo’s products and services. Therefore, CoinsDo will apply the new product names in the coming version 1.9.22 (will be released on 10th February, 2023), including five products and the corporate account back office. The specific adjustments are as follows:

Five CoinsDo productsApp’s name in current versionApp’s name in new version 1.9.22
Collecting WalletCollecting WalletCoinGet
Dispatching WalletDispatching WalletCoinSend
Signature ToolSignature ToolCoinSign
CoinsDo WalletCoinsDo WalletCoinWallet
Liveness detection ToolLiveness Detection ToolCoinFace

The corresponding names’ changes in the corporate backend will be reflected in the coming version 1.9.22 too.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by such names’ changes!

CoinsDo thanks all users for their trust in CoinsDo in the past and we hope to have your continued support in the future.

CoinsDo team