V1.9.32 System Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Our latest v1.9.32 is scheduled to update the live environment on July 19th, 2023, at 06.00AM GMT+8. This process shall take 10 mins and does not affect the operations; the system can be accessed as usual.

We genuinely appreciate your support for CoinsDo. Should there be any queries, please reach out to our customer support team.

Thank You and Have a Nice Day,
CoinsDo Team

New features

1.[CoinGet Center] Added export function to the homepage statistics, supporting query/ export of specific time period statistics (up to 30 days).

2.[CoinGet Center] Added statistics for unused and used of gas fee addresses to the homepage statistics.

3.[CoinGet Center] Adjusted the collecting method for BCH, BTC, DASH, DOGE, LTC, ZEC to collect in a single transaction. This means that when the total balance of the currency's all addresses reaches the minimum collection amount, automatic collection will occur (complete in a single transaction).

4.[CoinGet Center] Removed the "Minimum Balance" column from the currency management. For accounts that need to maintain a specified minimum balance, the balance will be retained directly, while other currencies will be set to 0.

5.[CoinSend Center] Added a list of on-chain failures on the dispatch record page to keep track of failed transaction records for easy reference during resending.

image 1

6.[Merchant Backend] Default redirect to the new version backend at


1.[CoinGet & CoinSend] Optimized gas fee calculation for BTC network, changing from kilobyte-based calculation to byte-based calculation.

2.[Merchant Backend] Added query conditions to all record pages for easier access to specific content.

3.[Merchant Backend] Added the ability to export all records with filtered conditions.

4. [CoinSend Center] Removed block-reversed records from the deposit records and mining fee transaction history.

5. [CoinGet Center] Avoided duplicate callbacks for block-reversed transactions in the received coin records.

6. [CoinGet Center] Fixed a bug where importing multiple addresses under the same pattern for collection configure would fail.

7. [CoinSend & CoinGet Center] Added support for sending the remaining XRP balance of a deleted account to a specified destination account in the receiving records.